Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Crocodile, the Orangutan and ...

Patsy and Louise do the Orangutan Shuffle with P1 bairns from Papdale

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Book Bug room is buzzing today as always, parents, babies, toddlers bouncing to the songs and rhymes. 

In the corner Johnny proudly introduces me to his baby sister, Carys. 

While outside the door, the buggies are parked, waiting for their passengers to return. 

Louise Shows the Primary 1 children a display case in the Archives and explains what the straitjacket was used for. The little girl in pink tries to imagine what it might be like to have her arms tied behind her back!

But there's no need for arm-twisting for the children from P1 in Papdale and Glaitness Primary Schools. They are already a captive audience, captivated by the tour of the library and the stories and songs from Louise and Patsy. 

Some of the boys have a good look down into the library from the upstairs corridor.

And when they all leave - happy - to return to their classrooms with their goody bags of three free books from Scottish Book Trust for Book Week Scotland, they form a highly visible crocodile to cross the Kirkwall roads.

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