Monday, 19 November 2012

Orkney Mixter Maxter

Monday Night Murders

The library reading group, alias Monday Night Murders, have been reading Val McDermid's, A Place of Execution. I'm looking forward to the discussion, not least because I share a first name with the murder victim: Alison!

Book Week Scotland

Val McDermid heads the line up for Book Week Scotland (Thursday 29 November at 7.00 pm). Tickets for her event are all spoken for, but you can put your name on a waiting list if you're still keen. I'm told that folk sometimes do get in at the last minute.

There are still tickets for: 

Victoria Campbell 
at 2.00 pm on Friday 30 November


Rosie Wallace
at 3.00 pm on Saturday 1 December

Golden Twits

Stewart Bain will never retweet me again if I don't remind you to vote for OrkneyLibrary in the Golden Twit Awards! I'm just jealous of course. Orkney Library has well over 7,000 followers on Twitter, including many famous writers. More followers than the British Library even, and well worth logging in for the famous Westray wit of the tweeter!

Bannockburn Rotunda Beam Inscription

And while you've got your voting fingers flexed, why not also follow the link below and vote for the poem you'd like to see etched onto the beam at Bannockburn Rotunda. Ten of Scotland's foremost poets were asked to come up with a poem commemorating the place, the battle, the history, the landscape. You can read them all by opening the link above.

Readers' Views

I've been accosting library users again today. So far nobody's done a runner when they see me coming!

Sean McFadries told me, I like reading special books about the castles of Scotland and the clans. I like a good browse and I go for history and wildlife books too. I come to the library because you must enjoy your life. It's nice and new. I like the building and the staff.

Mark Wildman arrived in Orkney about a year ago and started with Orkney writers. He enjoyed reading George Mackay Brown. Wherever he goes, he joins the library and finds Kirkwall Library very well stocked and the staff always helpful. What does he read now, I asked him. 

I've just finished Rupert Everett's autobiography. I enjoyed it; it was very well written. I have spells of reading crime novels, when I need a good page turner. The last writer I read was Val McDermid. Sometimes it reaches overload and I have to have a break and read other things. I've got Parade's End on the go, but it's a bit dense!

Not everyone comes to the library for the books, though. Here are Matthew Aim and Megan MacGregor taking advantage of the free internet: 

We use it for Facebook and to look for jobs. It's cosy in here and I like the hot chocolate too! The staff are good; they basically let you get on with it.

Apart from me, that is! But I promise I won't accost you again, Matthew and Megan. 


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