Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Seriously Sassy & Seriously Funny

There's a thread that runs through Magi Gibson's work linking the lives of girls and women from Seriously Sassy young teen to Wild, Wild Woman!

As Maggi Gibson, children's author, she will present the prizes to the Young Writers who have gripped her most in their poems about Adventure. 

2.00 pm Orkney Library & Archive

And she will also be doing an interactive reading from her Seriously Sassy series of books for young teens - 2.30 pm Orkney Library & Archive 

Suitable for boys and girls, the books feature the adventures of Sassy Wilde, who harbours not so secret ambitions to be a pop star and is also passionate about saving the planet. She has a gang of best friends too and you can read about them here.

And on Sunday evening, 14 April 7.30 pm, in the Stromness Hotel for Bemused Magi will shed a 'g' and read from her poetry collections, Graffiti in Red Lipstick and Wild Women of a Certain Age.

The Scotsman said of her Wild Women:
'A collection for anyone who imagines that sensitively wrought lyric poetry cannot also be tough and pungent.' 

Seriously Funny/Funnily Serious

Ian MacPherson is a comedian and writer who penned the hilarious The Autobiography of Ireland's Greatest Living Genius by Fiachra MacFiach

(Don't try and say that name with your mouth full of scone!) 

He will be reading from this and other work at: 

Sunday 14 April 
7.30 pm
the Stromness Hotel.

And on Sunday afternoon, Ian will offer Orkney writers the chance to learn from him how to write funny. Seriously!

Comedy Writing Workshop
2.00-4.00 pm
Stromness Library

To sign up for Ian's workshop please contact:

And come along to the readings - they will be fabulous!

Be there or be a sad excuse for a festival-goer!

Tickets at the door.

Or get your Whole Festival Pass from Orkney Library. £20 gets you into all the events

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