Friday, 18 January 2013

Chatterbooks at the Circus

The bunting was out, the clown masks were hanging from the ceiling. Minus top hat, Louise was the ring master, and the Marwick Room was transformed into the Big Top. This was Chatterbooks and children's librarian, Louise Graham read stories of adventure and bizarre characters to the children there.

The main book featured was Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus (And Joined The Library) by A. F. Harrold. "It's a book that turns the idea of running away to join the circus on its head," Louise told me, "and it's very funny." Read A.F. Harrold's blog by clicking the link.

Apart from Fizzlebert himself, the book also features Mr & Mrs Stinkthrottle - names to conjure with!

Here is A.F. Harrold below with his cat, Douglas!

"Chatterbooks is supported by The Reading Agency," Louise said, "and you can find lots more out about that by clicking the link.  

"I hope to encourage the kids to see reading as fun and to enjoy coming to the library. We certainly had a lot of fun yesterday."

That was clear when I popped my head round the door once the group was in full swing. There was attentive listening, concentrated drawing and a lot of hilarity. After hearing this inspiring story, the children exercised their imaginations to produce bizarre characters of their own. Check out the gallery below.


  1. Love the kids pictures Alison!

    1. Yes, I know! What imaginations they have. And thank you for the comment, Emily!


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