Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reading the Sky

On my first night back in Orkney as Reader in Residence there was an amazing, spectacular show of the Aurora Borealis. Did I see it? No! I was in my bed giving it a row of zeds – zzzzzzzz – and missed the whole display.  The sky – I have it on good authority – was bright emerald green, as if a space ship was landing. Last night I slept with my curtains open but no green light insinuated itself into my dreams.

Settling in to Orkney Library remarkably quickly. It’s a great place to be – warm, welcoming, staff who love their work. I’m looking forward to collaborating more closely with them all.

Ali was sitting on the floor today with her seven month old baby Max in a beanbag beside her, wriggling in ecstasy as he leafed through a book. His mum says she only has to show him a book and he gets all excited: “Books help Max to engage all of his senses and explore more of the world. He especially likes the touchy-feely ones.”

I asked Ali what she reads herself and she said she likes the books she can take on walks, the 'food for free' books and the Collins Gems on birds, flowers, trees and edible plants. 

Borrow an e-book
Do you know that Orkney Library has just launched an e-book borrowing scheme? All you need are:

  • a library card for Orkney Library
  • an internet connection
  • free software available for download on the library’s website

Take a look on the website:

Murder in the Library
There's great excitement in the library today because tomorrow sees the start of the Orcrime Crime Writing Festival, Orkney Library's first. Here's a link to it on the website:

What a treat for me in my first week to get to hear Lin Anderson, Ann Cleeves and Denise Mina, as well as Tom Muir and Paul Harrison. The staff have been reflecting that they started organising the event back in March and here it is at last. 

Keep the knives in the drawer!

Good luck to everyone involved! 

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